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" Because You Deserve Better "

Orca Oktavia Liveaboard

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If you are looking for a Liveaboard in a Cozy Minimal style with complete facilities. Take care of customers with attention to every detail. For the pleasure of diving and relaxation, Orca Oktavia boat is designed with comfortable bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, and most importantly, we focus on selecting quality bedding. Our signature pillow. Every room has a TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, body wash, shampoo, conditioner  **Special formula of Orca Oktavia**, etc.​


About entertainment, we have prepared more than 1,000 fun movies for every TV. It's called sleeping, watching movies, chilling, eating snacks, and unlimited drinks. that you can choose as you wish at Zone mini 7-11​.


The sun deck of the boat is another corner to relax, chill, sip wine or take photos for content creators, especially during sunset time, it's so beautiful.​

Orcaoktavia | Liveaboard | Thailand
Orcaoktavia | Liveaboard | Thailand

Great Food

Dine in luxury with fine dining served with wine.

Orcaoktavia | Liveaboard | Thailand

Good Hospitality

Stay comfortable in the bedroom with full facilities and services. Satisfied with nothing to block with a team that has a lot of experience. Trained both academically and entertainment too

Orcaoktavia | Liveaboard | Thailand

Unforgetable capturing moment

And still get beautiful pictures, make content like no other with Pi Ti, the best professional photographer. Our Hi-light, diving with little brother. Dive lead, a pro who can be found no matter how small it is. Miss liveaboard boat, miss us "Orca Oktavia, eat luxury, live comfortably, get beautiful pictures

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